Pocket Faun

This sweet little guy got caught in the last snow storm. And no wonder! He’s so tiny one wrong step and he’d sink out of sight in moments. When I pulled him outta the snow he was half froze and starving. After a little food and drink and a nice cozy spot next to the fire, he perked right up! In no time at all he was playing some music dancing all the while.

When you look t him, it really does look as though he’s bobbing along to his own music. He can either be mounted on a stand, like this beautiful piece of driftwood, or he can sit right on whatever shelf you want.

This pocket faun sits roughly 4inches tall when not on a base, he could go with you anywhere and everywhere bringing laughter and fun along for the ride.

Below you’ll see the finished faun sitting on a base. Without a base he sits with his feet dangling over the edge of a shelf, or as in the picture above. He’s about 10cm (3.5in) tall when sitting and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. His horns, hooves, and flute are bronze wire, details are copper wire, the rest of his body is made with galvanized steel. The wire is all coated to maintain colour without developing a patina.






Available for $80 without base


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