First Wire Workshop

I hosted my first ever wire workshop for homeschoolers yesterday and it was a success!

I absolutely love working with wire and really want to share that with others, and who better to share it with than homeschoolers?!?!

I’d never done anything like this before. So it was a trial in many ways.

The allotted time was an hour, though I was prepared to have extra time, and it’s a good thing I did! I had everything set up either at the table or on my counter close at hand. This worked in many ways, but in the future I will have tools and safety glasses on the table, and nothing else until a after I’ve explained the safety rules and how to use the tools properly. One of my nice fine cutters is now notched and pretty much unusable because it was used to (try) to cut 14 gauge steel (vs 26 gauge dead soft wire). Opps. I did have the foresight to only have my back-up tools out for students, so at least I don’t need to run out and replace them right away.

I had a few of my sculptures and other wire on display to give students a chance to see different methods of creating with wire. I also had a pile of different wire available to look at. I liked this set up, but think I will have the display items in a different spot next time to allow people to look at their leisure without interfering in the work of others.

I think some children preferred hammering the wire than twisting, this interfered with both general conversation and instruction. Next time I will have a separate area for hammering so it won’t directly impact others to the same degree.

The actual wire working part of the workshop was free form. A chance to play with the wire, see what you can do, not necessarily have a specific finished item at the end of the workshop. For the students, aged 10 and under, this seemed to work great. In order to offer a class with a finished product at the end of it, I’d need to have higher fees to cover the cost, and we’d need a much longer time to finish depending on the product.

I did demonstrate how to make a simple rose ring, and many of the people opted to make one of their own.

The workshop didn’t go exactly the way I envisioned, but overall it went well. I’m really excited to plan the next one and see how it goes once I make these changes!


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