Signing Sculptures

I’m trying to decide if I should sign my sculptures, and if so, how. I’ve tried a couple different ideas, including writing my name or initials in wire, and attaching to a sculpture, but many times I just don’t like the way it looks on the finished piece. I can sign the sculptures with bases, but not all pieces have bases. I can sign the bottom, but sometimes that’s not realistic either. And what’s the point of putting a signature where it can’t be seen?

I do have a style that’s unique to me (at least as far as I’ve come across) so most of my sculptures would be identifiable as mine to anyone who knows wire, but what about for those who don’t know wire? Does it matter?

This is my struggle right now. Trying to decide what to do for the future. trying different techniques with each piece right now, seeing if there’s something I like.

I’d love any feedback or ideas you have.



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