When An Idea Takes Hold of Me


Last night I found myself with spare time. I’m waiting for a couple items to arrive for me to finish a couple sculptures and begin a wall hanging for a local lady. I wanted to work on something, but wasn’t sure what.

So I just started working with the wiretap see what’d happen. I decided to make a raven. I began by making the feet.


I wrapped the basic armature for the body, and that’s when things shifted.

I no longer wrapped a raven. I thought, surely it’s still bird. I wrapped and wrapped. The wire wove itself together as I discovered what was there. I still thought those were bird claws, I thought maybe a cockatrice was taking shape. But the more I played with it, the more the wire built it out, the more obvious it was that a dragon was living in my workshop!


Keep in mind, this is still only the armature. There’ll be so much more detail, more structure once she’s complete. In this picture, you’ll see her head is turned back to look behind her, her wings are folded and dragging on the ground behind her, and her tail is off the ground.

I can hardly wait to get back to work on her!



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