positive mindset

Becoming Who We’re Meant To Be

positive mindset

Life is a journey. A path of becoming. Changing who we were into who we are and shifting into who we will become. I think sometimes we forget that we’re in charge of which path we take, what it looks like, and how much fun we have along the way. I know I did.

A decade ago I found myself as a mom to two young children living in a small town while working part time in the city as an RN and trying to figure out how to keep a household running smoothly and my marriage intact. Things were not pretty.

It was back then that I first saw a glimpse of something more than just waking up and doing the same old thing every day before heading to bed at the same time every night. I knew something needed to change. But I had no idea how to change things. So I channeled my inner Hermione and went to the library. I picked up a dozen or so books on budgeting and finances. The difference was amazing! And all I really changed was my mind.

Over the course of these ten years, every improvement in my life has been a result of shifting my mindset.

I used to be afraid of not knowing something. I used to be afraid of making mistakes. I used to be afraid to throw things away because I might need them someday.

I didn’t want my children to have the same limitations I had, so I read every book I could find on mindset. I didn’t care who wrote it or how ‘out there’ it seemed. I read it. Some books were better than others, but I learned something from pretty much every book I read.

While I read about mindset, I also read about parenting, communication, and marriage. Though it was a lot easier to change my mind than  improve communication with my husband. Luckily he loves me and together we keep moving forward.

The more I read the more I allowed myself the opportunity to learn new things and make mistakes. And still be proud of the finished, imperfect, product.

I’ve taught myself to sew, garden, write, cook, decorate cakes, create sculptures with wire, and I’m not stopping there!

My oldest children are only tweens. I have many more years ahead to learn, grow, and show them what it means to be true to yourself without limiting yourself.

I hope you’ll join me while I explore the person I am becoming and I hope you’ll share some of your journey with me.

How far have you come in the last ten years? Are you the same person you were when you moved out of your parents home? Are you the person you hope to be? What can you do today to take one step closer to being the person you dream of being?


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