That Moment Before I Fly

At the beginning of August I received an amazing e-mail from the Alberta Society of Artists. I found out one of my sculptures has been accepted into their show 3D that’ll take place at the Western GM Drumheller Art Gallery.

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for submitting to the ASA’s exhibition, 3D. I am happy to report the following artwork was accepted:

Before You Fly 


This sculpture depicts a person mid trip, in the moment before they hit the ground…or fly.

Yesterday, I submitted sculptures for consideration for the 2019 Alberta Branded juried artist showcase. I have no idea if my work will be accepted or not, but I am in love with the sculptures I created for this showcase. I can hardly wait to share them with you, until then, I hope you like this sneak peek!

Wire Tree Sculpture

I am hanging in that moment, my knees have not hit the ground. My hands are not scraped. Whether accepted or not I can choose to let myself fall, or I can fly. I am in that moment before I fly.



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