My journey to becoming a wire artist has been much like following a twisted wire through one of my sculptures. Some moments are straight forward, others bend back on themselves, but most of them twist, turn, and weave amongst other wires. Such is my life.

I started as an RN working on an acute care medical unit. During this time, I talked to people,  heard stories, and experienced so many miraculous moments. There were moments where I bore witness to incredible strength. There were moments where I held space for people and their families while someone died. Over the course of my nursing career I held people as they died and as they took their first breaths.

Then I became a wife and a mother. I lost myself in the exhausting days and sleepless nights, stumbling from moment to moment. Occasionally I’d find myself almost human again. It was on those days that I created. I started by sewing, mostly toys. Then I discovered posable art dolls. While I tried to create my first, and only, posable art doll, I discovered wire.

It seized me. I couldn’t put it down. If I had to walk away for some reason, I spent that time away thinking about new ways to work the wire to create sculptures. Over the span of a couple months I quickly developed my own style, the next several months saw my technique improve. Now I want to share my art with you.