Artist Statement

Sarah Langner is best known for her wire sculptures. She was born in Edmonton, AB in 1980, currently lives and works in Sherwood Park, AB. Two points on the globe, so close together, yet totally missing the story that takes place between them.

My journey to becoming a wire artist has been much like following a twisted wire through one of my sculptures. The first six years of my life were on a farm with no electricity or indoor plumbing. I know what it tastes like to drink water with a tin cup from a communal bucket. I have also lived in different areas of Florida, then Maine, and back to Florida before moving to Edmonton, AB. I have touched wild dolphins and accidentally swam with manatees. I have been the first person to hold a newborn baby as it emerged into the world I have been the last person to hold someone while they passed from this world. I have been both nurse and patient.

Life is not straight forward, it twists, turns, and weaves like wires in my sculptures. All of these moments become my art.

I create sculptures that take the essence of a moment and use that single point to guide me during the creative process. I create sculptures that tell a whole story from one fine detail.

I love the versatility of wire. I can create delicate details, create movement within a sculpture, or even allow the whole sculpture to move. I love how it’s possible to get lost following the wires of these sculptures, how it’s possible to look at the same work a dozen times and notice something different each time.