When I first began wrapping Danu, I didn’t know who she’d be. I didn’t know she was the mother of fairies. I didn’t know what she’d mean to me.

It has been a beautiful gift to hold 4 of my babies in my arms, but there are 5 I’ve never held, and more I longed for. Those babies had meaning and I hold a place in my heart for them, but they were not meant for this world.

That is why Danu came to visit me. She has given me a place to put my hopes and dreams for my many babies and has brought so much joy and beauty in return. When placed in your garden she will bring richness, inspiration, and hope.

This beautifully wrapped wire fairy is 40cm tall and 36cm wide, she leans forward as waves of contractions roll over her, strengthening her for what is to come.

If you look closely, you’ll notice the wee copper babe inside waiting to be born.


Her body is made of galvanized steel wire, her wings are plated gold and plated copper. All of the wire is designed to stand the test of time, though eventually a natural patina will developing enhance the beauty of this piece. If kept inside, the wire will retain it’s original colours much longer.

Feel free to message me for more information or to inquire about purchasing her.

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