Lover’s Embrace


Sometimes a sculpture comes together in a certain way and you just love it so much you can hardly believe it. This is one of those times. I really stepped out of my comfort zone with this one. First, this was a custom piece. The buyer had a very specific idea of what she wanted. She’s attending a wedding soon, and wanted a unique gift for the couple.

I was given a copy of their engagement photo and asked to recreate it in wire. The buyer wanted enough detail that the couple would know it was them.

I wasn’t able to recreate their pose exactly, but I came very close. I think I captured the essence of their pose. Their love.

I’m really excited to see the look on the buyers face, and would love to hear how the couple like it when they receive it.

Below are a few pictures of the sculpture’s creation. Those first wraps of the wire are so important. They create the over all shape and proportions. Once the wire fills in the sculpture, it becomes more and more difficult to change the pose and almost impossible to change the proportions. The way the sculpture balances. The way it holds itself is determined largely from these first strands of wire.

In the first picture, you’ll notice the sculpture leaning back a bit. I knew he’d have more wire on him than she would, he’d be heavier, and his legs were in front of the base. I needed to create the sculpture to work with the irregular shape of the base, and to balance out the difference in weight between the two figures.

The final sculpture balances perfectly, but her one knee doesn’t quite touch the base. I didn’t take into account the difficulties I’d have drilling into this piece of wood without splitting it. So she ended up not sitting exactly where I planned her to sit. But, in my opinion, this doesn’t detract from the over all sculpture at all.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few in progress pictures and reading about how I created this sculpture!

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