I had so much fun seeing this beautiful creature take shape! I wasn’t sure what I was making to start with. I thought I’d try making a raven, so I began twisting the wire for the feet. They were perfect feet! Strong. Powerful.

As I wound the wire up the leg, I realized they weren’t raven feet. I thought maybe they were cockatrice feet. They certainly looked like it. So I twisted the wire to create a cockatrice body. It took shape and it was lovely. A bit too lovely to be a cockatrice.

I continued to twist the wire, allowing the design to take shape. There are certainly bird like qualities to this sculpture, but beyond the head and feet, this is all dragon! She has a delicate beauty to her that belies her strength.

She’s roughly 25in long, 17 in high and 15 in wide. Her feet have been reinforced to allow her to support her weight with both head and tail balanced in the air, or you can reposition her so her tail rests on the ground.

The picture of her head doesn’t do it justice, I need to learn how to take better pictures to better portray these sculpts.

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